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He is allegedly one of the country’s top “blessers” and has publicly said he is willing to “bless” a “blessee” who would agree to having unprotected sex with him.

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Slade had a truthful message in the form of #Conversation.

Although this LP's street date is listed as August 4th, 2015 it was originally supposed to be released on October 21, 2015 the EXACT date that Marty Mc Fly programmed his Delorean in 1985 as a future destination, this LP is the present future of what I imagined music would sound like when I first saw Back To The Future pt.2.

Despite the condemnation, the singer says he’ll continue to “pray for my haters” and declared, “I’m anointed with my shoulder pads and my snatched waist and ya’ll hate it.” “I snatched them wigs but you ain’t gonna snatch my salvation,” he adds.

Slade glides through the corridors of the Doubletree Hotel in New York, all eyes are locked on him.

Slade's coming-of-age story is one about his personal acceptance of himself, his new relationship with God and his coming into himself.The album deals with the changing climate of the modern conciousness.Lyrically the LP nods to traditional and modern ideologies and the imbalance of the human to machine ratio.We are presently living in the future that our past projected.This theory further substantiates my belief in quantum physics; the notion that music is a medium that can teleport you to anytime date and time including those that we have not caught up to yet.Slade’s October performance at a music tribute for Kurt Carr and Lynette Hawkins-Stephens. Slade was dressed in a high fashion outfit more likely to be seen on Prince than someone attending a church service.