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Dagelijks schrijven honderden nieuwe deelnemers zich bij ons in. Eenmaal ingeschreven kan je profielen bekijken, je eigen profiel aanmaken en foto's toevoegen, tevens bepaal jezelf wie jouw foto's wel of niet mogen zien.

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He’s Bored This might not mean that he doesn’t have someone else in this picture.

He might just be tired of her, she might be getting on his nerves and he’s just looking to add a little thrill to his life. Please don’t take his new-found interest to mean that he’s trying to make you his main, he’s just trying to pass some time.

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An image depicting Burch suspension can be seen below.

Both conservative management (pelvic floor muscle training, incontinence pessaries, and urethral bulking agents) as well as surgical management are acceptable approaches to treating stress urinary incontinence.

At present, the primary forms of surgical management of stress urinary incontinence are retropubic urethropexy and midurethral sling procedures.

In a person with pure stress urinary incontinence, either the urethra is hypermobile or the sphincter is intrinsically deficient.

In urethral hypermobility, the urethral vesicular junction (UVJ) is displaced extra-abdominally, and the increased intra-abdominal pressure is unevenly distributed such that the sphincter can no longer withstand the pressure and urine leaks.