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In non-OC users only, hydroperoxide values were positively correlated with weight and BMI and inversely correlated with chocolate and fish consumption.The markedly elevated oxidative stress we revealed in OC-user athletes could be detrimental to physical activity and elevate cardiovascular risk (as thromboembolism).Further research is needed to extend our results, to clarify the biochemical pathways leading to increased hydroperoxides (mainly lipid peroxides) and reduced antioxidant defense, and to elucidate the potential effects on athletic performance.OC use should be considered when developing gender-focused strategies against oxidative stress.In addition, many of the positive studies were not placebo-controlled, thus leaving a possibility of false-positive results caused by period effects, eg, seasonal variation, changes in the lifestyles of the subjects, or variation in measurements over time.

The types of antioxidant intervention studies include those involving single or multiple supplementations of vitamin C, vitamin E, or carotenoids and those involving various natural food products (eg, carrot juice).

The cells of the human body are continuously attacked by reactive oxygen species (ROS), which arise as natural byproducts of normal cellular energy production or are generated in large amounts by exhaustive exercise or by chemical agents in the environment (1).

In addition, cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases generate ROS as part of the pathophysiologic mechanism (2).

They function by terminating the oxidation chain reactions through the removal of intermediates and inhibition of other oxidation reactions (Halliwell, 2012).

The use of synthetic antioxidants such as butylhydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) due to their toxicity and carcinogenicity (Lobo et al., 2010), has raised the interest of both the clinical and scientific communities to explore natural sources for antioxidants.