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Principal intimidating teacher

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What I like about Filament Games is that they provide hands-on learning for the kids, which allows them to take ownership of their own learning.

At the same time, since the games are aligned with standards and curriculum guides, the teachers get to take a backseat in the students’ learning while still monitoring student achievement and mastering of the standards.

As an educator and researcher, Tynes had spent years looking into cyberbullying. Tynes said she was prepared to tackle the eye rolls and sharp tongues that can come with molding young minds, but being publicly humiliated by a student wasn’t in her lesson plan.

By Stephanie Goldberg, CNN (CNN) - Several years ago, Brendesha Tynes was taken aback when she received an e-mail from one of her former students.

The note directed her to a Facebook event for an all-night bar crawl - an event with which Tynes, an assistant professor at the time, had nothing to do.

Reports from teachers say her case isn’t an anomaly.

A 2011 study, "Understanding and Preventing Violence Directed Against Teachers," reported 80% of about 3,000 K-12 teachers surveyed felt victimized by students, students’ parents or colleagues in the past year.