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WHAT A PERSON SEARCHES FOR during a lifetime is as personal as a fingerprint: power; money; a sensitive lover; elixirs of youth; the ideal dance band; nirvanas of all shades and hues. As far as I know I am the only member of my peer group to hallucinate after a flawless guacamole salad.

While Chris plays by the rules, Pam likes to drink, smoke dope, spend money, and cause trouble, and while he wants to make her happy, her emotional instability makes this no easy task. you will never get an email without peacocks or peafowl on the subject line or without my name and phone number ... Not all birds are on the web site, but should be in the near future.Vulturine guinea fowl is one our focus species again for 2014 We have the largest collection of white peacocks over the age of 3 and are constantly looking to add others.My search is for the noblest manifestation of Tex-Mex culture, the quintessential Mexican Regular Dinner Number One. My search took me from Juarez to Matamoros, following the Rio Grande, the famous Route of the Hungry.I engorged, ingested, consumed, and did just about everything else a tourist would do along some 1248 miles of the Texas-Mexico border. From the most outlandish Chicano grub palaces I traveled to dens that reminded me of a place my lawyer friend Warren Burnett commented on, while pretending to eat a bowl of chili: “I’d give just to hear a dog bark.” I began in El Paso-Juarez, the largest and oldest twin border cities, and then followed the Rio Grande across the rich screen of Texas landscape, beginning in the Chihuahuan desert and ending in Matamoros, 20 miles from the shores of South Padre Island on the Gulf of Mexico.Eventually, the FBI launched an assault and initiated a tear gas attack in an attempt to force the Branch Davidians out of the ranch.