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I also revel in the fact that rather than clearing things up for them, I just left them wondering.

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In particular, during his second challenge, this time with the notorious Russell, who’d himself been blindsided at last and sent to the purgatory island.

I was nervous about whether Matt could win the psychological game against the master of deception, because while Matt was younger and stronger I remembered how Russell had outlasted the younger and similarly dexterous Brett Clouser in the final immunity challenge in Samoa.

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That's been my reward for all the struggle and all the strife I've been through."Not only did Elrod survive to the end of the game, with his constant prayers and Bible reading, he also became the vessel through which many of his cast mates expressed their own Christian faith in full view of the cameras.Instead of being out of the game immediately upon being voted out of their tribe, the voted off contestant would be taken to a secluded area known as Redemption Island.Once there, they were to sustain themselves in the same manner as when living with the tribe: living on limited food, water and shelter.The complete season was released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 8, 2015, via Amazon.com's Create Space program.This season introduced "Redemption Island" to the American version of Survivor, based in part on concepts already used in foreign versions of the show, including "The Island of the Dead" in the Israeli version, "Isla Purgatoryo" (Purgatory Island) in the Philippine version's second season, "Ghost Island" in the Serbian version's second season, and the duels in the 2002 Swedish edition.Back in the game, it appeared Matt was going to play well, as he was approached by Mike Chiesl of the Zapatera Tribe with a plan to pick off the members of the tribe that had originally voted Matt off.