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When my body did finally reach its intended destination in the transmat tube, I had the chance to look at my surroundings."Shit! The transmat would never open like it should have and you'd always end up naked no matter where you went... I let out a frustrated growl when I couldn't find one. I don't know when I'll be able to get the Space Navy Corp., Gontei 13 to, accept this as an official uniform... " I said quickly as I ripped my insignia as a captain off my uniform and stormed off to the transmat room..."And here I am, with this uniform on and only one way to tell Renji I'm sorry... Getaboshi, I'm going to fucking kill you after this." I groaned out as I laid my hands on my chest. I felt a jolt of something shoot through my body, down my spine and to my toes. Looking at his face made my heart throb, he looked sad and disappointed. The grainy quality prevented me from seeing what was on the translucent screen. "Maybe I can just pry open these doors instead having to jack them off every time." I mumbled to myself as I picked up a "Oh, maybe not. I'll see if the sonic spanner I picked up would work." I fiddled with the control panel and it eventually opened. ""Hello Captain." The voice played through the speakers. I'm glad to see that his cold emotionless voice hasn't changed."Hello, Byakuya." I replied smiling a little."I like it when you come inside me, Captain." I blanched for a second before turning away from the speaker and banging my head against the wall repeatedly. " I barked out at him."Yes, Captain, I like it when you talk dirty to me." Byakuya husked out. I cleared my throat, alerting the two of my arrival."Captain on the bridge! "But the Gontei think that you're our only chance at stopping him now.""Where are we going? His brown eyes pleading for me to stay."Fine, I'll do it.""Wonderful, we get a brash Captain back." The new ensign said sarcastically."You, tight ass, what's your name?
Whether you wish to be nude in your own yard, with friends, at a beach, resort, or campground, nudism is a way of life that YOU chose to live.