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"As Seen On TV" promotions hits the market fast, sells product and then folds up its tent and lets the Taiwanese knock-off artists feed on the scraps. I then moved to Boulder, Colorado to write a novel and live with my older brother.Edwina Tomark went through this with her "Topsytail" and she actually tried to enforce her Patent on it. There were no other blankets like this that I could find at the time. It was then that I started perfecting the specs of the Slanket.They get the idea to mass market and name it Snuggie.Roommates make millions and poor grandma and grandson are left with nothing but a bad taste in their mouth. Snuggie was originally marketed as the "freedom blanket," and was an imitation of the "Slanket," a blanket with sleeves created by a University of Maine student who cut holes in a sleeping bag and added sleeves.

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Good news for the manufacturer, but not as good for Snuggie enthusiasts because it means no more late night watching cable news in the bathroom while tweeting.

I'll look for Patents on this, but I'd have to say the advice this fellow got from his lawyer was probably pretty good: he has sold .2 million worth of "Slankets" last year alone.

This fellow claims the Snuggie is a rip-off of the FREEDOM BLANKET: Snuggie is a classic example of an item than is sold not through novelty, but through marketing.

Comment: Okay, so I heard that the Snuggie was invented by some little old lady.

She supposedly made the "blankets with arms" for her grand kids as they grew up.