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at Niantic’s Book Barn this summer I thought the last chapter (“Jesus Haunts Me, This I Know”) was directed at me.

I was the one who first used Flannery O’Connor’s colorful phrase to describe Susan Campbell’s spiritual state, in a 2006 Family Institute of Connecticut Blog post responding to one of her many ad hominem attacks on supporters of traditional marriage.

This Index contains brief definitions, descriptions or cross references on over 1,200 religious organizations and beliefs, as well as world religions (including Christianity) and related doctrines.

Watchman Fellowship is a Christian apologetics and discernment ministry; thus, many references ("Jesus," "Gospel," "Christianity," etc.) contain definitions that reflect the beliefs of Watchman's staff.

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So, for instance, Campbell writes of the fundamentalist church of her childhood that “they will marry Christians and beget Christians and not some namby-pamby type, either, but fire-breathing and soul-growing Christians, members of the church of Christ, saved by grace and fired with an obstinate belief in the black and white.” One gets the impression that Campbell thought those were the only two options and, later in life, opted for namby-pambyism. “The treacly sweet love of God coats everything here like cotton candy, and I hate myself for thinking that way,” she writes of her brother’s church, which she visits as an adult.

2IC : When his boss resigns, it's reasonable to assume that Bill, in the number 2 position, will get the job.

As he reports back to his wife on how he has been let down, we see flashbacks to the events of the last few days, which reveal a saga of intrigue and deception.

Most of the people who disagree with me are reasonable about it) on Connecticut-based blogs.” and yet it’s not.

The book inadvertently confirms that Campbell extrapolated her 1970’s Missouri hillbilly background onto 21st Century Connecticut in ways that don’t fit.