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Computer keeps restarting after updating Adult chat at night

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Here in this article, you'll find two effective methods to fix the endless Windows 10 reboot loop and make your PC to work normally again.

Updated Windows 10 yesterday and this morning I logged in, then the computer boot with a blue screen, telling me that it needs to restart. The computer stuck in a reboot circle, no blue screen, no auto recovery, no end..." Quite a lot Windows 10 users reply that their computer are all stuck in an endless reboot bug after updating Windows 10. Here below we’ll offer you two effective methods to solve Windows 10 reboot error and help you out of PC reboot loop. Remove bad registry entry to fix Windows 10 reboot loop Method 2.

I installed the update on Sunday, but it ran smoothly on my Windows 10 Lenovo laptop.

So as usual, the problem seems to affect only a certain percentage of users.

One commenter on Krebs’ blog has noted, however, that Microsoft tried to release a similar update before that was equally unsuccessful. has reached out to Microsoft for comment, but so far the company has not responded our inquiries about when a fix might arrive.

When Windows registry entry gets damaged or become bad, Windows system will not be able to be loaded properly. This problem will also appear after Windows 10 system update.

Microsoft has rolled out a major new update for Windows 10 that's causing headaches for some users.

Pushed out last Wednesday, a major update for Windows 10 dubbed KB3081424 is designed as a cumulative update, which means it incorporates all of the bug fixes previously released for the new OS. After the update fails to install properly the first time around, Windows 10 tries to roll it back as is standard procedure.

But unfortunately, the update has been unsuccessful for many, rendering their Windows 7 computers useless.

Thus far, no one can figure out why some machines are encountering the problem and others are not. Cautious Users Worry They’ve Been Hacked But Free Upgrade Reservation Is Legit According to Krebs, the patch doesn’t fix any particularly alarming vulnerabilities, so users who have yet to update to KB3033929 should avoid installing the update until Microsoft issues another fix.