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Developed in consultation with medical professionals, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and mental health support groups, Declaration challenges stereotypes with a curious, comic and candid look at ADHD, mental health and diagnosis in the 21st century. Sarah still feels different, so what will a label do?

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It’s an efficient way for big companies to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff and that’s why assessment centres have become so widely used.Performing under pressure is a great indicator of capability and assessment centres have become acknowledged as one of the most effective ways of quickly sifting through a large number of candidates and identifying talented people who will: Usually they will be a mix of HR consultants (in-house & external) and line managers and people at least one level above the position you have applied for.If the student is not eligible for special education under IDEA, he or she may be eligible to receive services under Section 504. Be specific about what kinds of problems you think your child has.Districts are required to test in all areas related to a student’s suspected disability, so make sure you describe all of the problems. Include your own observations to describe why you think your child may have a disability.

If you’ve been invited to an assessment centre and don’t know how to prepare, then don’t worry! All assessment centres are different, but we also have a lot of resources to help you with what you’ll probably face.Under IDEA and state special education law, districts have an affirmative duty to identify all students residing in the district who might need special education services.This duty is called “Child Find.” Districts are required to have policies and procedures in place to ensure that students with disabilities are identified, located, and evaluated.Below we’ve listed things you need to be mindful of when doing an assessment centre.This may seem obvious, but make sure you read all of the material you’ve been sent about the assessment centre you’re invited to thoroughly.One who gives testimony under oath or affirmation, in person, by oral or written deposition or by affidavit’. According to Ministry of Justice (2011) Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: Guidance on interviewing victims and witnesses, and guidance on using special measures, significant witnesses, sometimes referred to as ‘key’ witnesses, are those who: While significant witnesses are usually defined with reference to indictable-only offences, investigating officers may consider designating witnesses as significant in any other serious case where it might be helpful.