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(BEGIN VIDEO TAPE) PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: It's pretty hard to find an economic measure where we're not significantly better off. We've gone farther than almost any country on earth. And then the other thing is, I would look over -- it takes some initiative. GUILFOYLE: That's a big -- not me, but they should know, like, O'Reilly and Hannity, for the love of God.

Apparently it escalated into a confrontation with The Wrong Person, because the result is that Andrea Tantaros has effectively been a non-person at FNC for four days running.

Meet the Family of five : three Children Meet CNN analyst Bob Beckel Ex-Wife Leland Ingham Beckel: Married in 1992 and have two Children Fox News' sharp-tongued hottie Andrea Tantaros is Dating rocker Boyfriend Dave Navarro since 2015. As decent as the Bolling family seems, they are good human beings too.

They often get involved in charity and social services.

She has a reputation for being feisty, maybe even a little pushy (she managed to promote herself from the gaggle of rotating panelists to a permanent role, on a par with journalists Harris Faulkner and Sandra Smith).

Yet she has been uncharacteristically quiet, both on social media and in promoting her book.