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Did you guys enjoy reading and, most of all, drooling all over their hot pics? The majority of our readers are males, but we thought […]It seems that every couple of years a new or improved technology is taking over and drastically changing the industries that rely on it, and with more and more discussions on how virtual reality simulators are going to shock the video world, we can’t help but wonder what it might do to Live Sex Cam […]Adult entertainment is the source of many of our best orgasms and we think you can agree with us on this one.
She’s garnered her sizeable fan base off of her down-to-Earth, unassuming and sincere approach, and it’s clear to see this is both exactly who she is and what she loves doing, and Jane is the first to not take it all - or herself - too seriously.

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The Ohio native (but Georgia-raised) actor is about to celebrate his first anniversary with wife Angela, so Matt met me at one of their favorite restaurants, the Garden Cafe in the San Fernando Valley. Much later on, a friend whose brother was a bat boy for the Braves said they were looking for a new guy, and I came in to meet with them.

There Matt gave me the lowdown on the delicious menu ("The pizzas are insane! I had the job for two seasons, and it was the time of my life.

In tonight's episode, that relationship heats up. On set, the director sits behind the camera and just yells stuff out like, "Say this! I'm not going to pretend someone doesn't have a booger hanging out of their nose. And that's where you get those good, true moments where it's like real life, because it almost is.

VF Daily checks in with Zach Gilford before a night to remember. What's your favorite line that you've improvised?

To complicate matters further, he's dating the coach's daughter. It sets up what needs to happen in the scene, but we're really free to say whatever we want. So, now if something is going on, I'm not going to just ignore it.After caught up with Hunt to discuss playing gay, her upcoming role on Showtime’s Californication and making “female empowerment” music.After Ellen.com: How much did you know about Devin when you auditioned for the role?I say, "You haven't had a girlfriend since Jenny Immel! There's a little bit of him in me—I like to think that I'm also a pretty good, kind, thoughtful person—but ultimately, we're kind of different guys. I'm going to be an extra."And what was the most fun episode to film? Also, the second to last episode of this season was fun to film., the beloved series about a high school football team in small-town Texas. “We purposefully looked around for natural pairs,” said Amanda Moore of Marriott.