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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Reuters) -- Scheduled between the modern air-conditioned commuter lines, there is a different kind of train running in Buenos Aires these days, and the little sign above the conductor's window says it is "special." The seats have been ripped out to make room for passengers' shopping carts.

There are no lights and the windows are covered with rusty wire rather than glass. This is "El Cartonero," a train running from industrial rust belts to the capital's wealthier districts to transport "cartoneros" -- people who collect "carton" or cardboard for recycling to eke out a living during Argentina's worst ever economic crisis.

To begin, it is important to address some of the common physical effects of aging.

The more these changes are understood, the better the aging workforce can be accommodated.

Argentina's unemployment rate stands close to 25 percent and it will take years to rebuild an economy crushed by mismanagement and a mountain of debt.

Interestingly, more than 80 per cent of companies recognize the dynamics of aging demographics, yet less than half of those same companies are proactively planning for them.

The Airbus A380 needs wider, longer runways and may reduce runway capacity.

It holds up to 615 passengers, compared to approximately 400 for its older rivals - and that means roughly 300 more pieces of baggage to deal with.

Anthropologist Francisco Suarez said the cartonero was a species in extinction 10 years ago but began returning with the recession in the mid-1990s.

A January 2002 currency devaluation accelerated the process as products like paper and copper became too expensive to import and had recycling value.