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"It's almost like pressing the reset button and going back to the garage," says Tony Kanal of Dreamcar, his new band with fellow No Doubt mates Tom Dumont and Adrian Young and AFI frontman Davey Havok.

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"For elderly, sick or disabled people who spend long periods in hospital, the bedside telephone is their only means of communication. These companies are effectively holding to ransom vulnerable, sick and elderly people." Scroll down for more...The prices seem exorbitantly high - calls at peak time from a BT landline cost just 3p per minute.The more perverted you can be, the quicker your girl will be plunging her vibrator into that hot pussy and slapping her tits while she moans down the phone at you.The sluts on this line are truly open minded, they have to me.Perhaps you've always wanted to tie up a consenting partner and piss all over her before fingering and fucking her face and pussy.

She has plenty of toys but they havn't been the same until recently.

To call most mobile networks it costs 13p a minute at peak times, 8p per minute off peak, and just 5p per minute at the weekend.

But call a hospital phone and you can be charged 16 times the standard BT landline rate - 49p a minute peak rate, and 39p off peak; it would be cheaper to call Australia (24p per minute from a BT landline at peak time).

Throughout this harrowing time, when he was not at his wife's bedside, Justin spoke to her on the phone.

"Though I kept the calls to just five minutes a day, at 29p a minute I was forced to keep conversations short," says the 26-year-old salesman.